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I talked to your other granddaughter last night  / Thyra Kullberg (Granddaughter)  Read >>
I talked to your other granddaughter last night  / Thyra Kullberg (Granddaughter)
I wanted you to know that Albert's daughter Autumn found us! We talked on the phone last night.. She is 30 years old and you have 3 more great-grandkids.  and one more on the way.  I can not wait to meet her.  We talked a bit about everybody.. Especially uncle Al and you.  I sure wish I could find all the family pictures for her.  I saw a picture of her on facebook and you can sure see uncle AL in her. I  will do my best let her know about our family.  She is in the Army reserves and I think you and Al would be proud of her.  Well I think I better go for now.  I sure miss you grandma... I cry everytime I find a picture of you.  Talk to you soon.. Sorry its been so long since I stopped by... Your little Liza Close
Hello Mom  / Robert Prichard (Son)  Read >>
Hello Mom  / Robert Prichard (Son)
Hello Mom sure do miss youabout too get married on july 4th of this yearI think you would like herwe've had our problems but then again who doesn't her name is Charlettand she's very beautiful sure wish you where hereI love you and i miss youbut we'll meet again..Love Bobby Close
Thanks for being a Friend  / Ty! And Nonoy Alovera (Friends of the Family )  Read >>
Thanks for being a Friend  / Ty! And Nonoy Alovera (Friends of the Family )
Thanks for being a dear friend.  We laughed at times and cried at others.  It was our pleasure to know and love you. Close
Family / Thyra Kullberg (granddaughter)  Read >>
Family / Thyra Kullberg (granddaughter)
Grandma,  I sure miss you!  You were the stregnth that kept our family together.  It seems now that your gone everybody has drifted apart and it tears me up inside.  Uncle Ron and Sherylinn will have nothing to do with me anymore.  Uncle Ron and I use to be so close.  They are mad that Karen made mistakes and are taking it out on me.  Its not fair that God took you from me.  Well, I need to send this to you because its the only way I can talk to you anymore.  I miss you so much everyday.  I wish you could be here when Bill and I get married.  September 23rd is going to be a good day but also an sad day for me.  Because I won't have my grandma there to see me walk down the Isle.  I don't even have anything of yours i can wear on that day.  Well, I know that you and grandpa, and Billy and Albert will be watching from above and that is comforting to me.  But I want Uncle ron and his family there and Aunt Sue and Uncle Al there too,  But I don't think they will come.
Sorry to cry on your shoulder like this but I just needed it to cry on one more time.
I LOVE YOU Grandma.
Love forever and always your Little Liza Close
I miss you  / Jodi Rawson (friend)  Read >>
I miss you  / Jodi Rawson (friend)
You were always so kind to me.  I hope you are happy and care free in heaven.  Save a seat for me at God's table.  I love you. Close
First Christmas  / Carolyne (Daughter)  Read >>
First Christmas  / Carolyne (Daughter)
Mom, This is our first Christmas apart and I am so lonely without you here.  I knew last Christmas that it was going to be your last and you did too.  I wish we had more time together.  I miss you so much.  You were always there with the right advice for me and now I have no one to turn to that understands me the way you did.  I will always love you Mom and I know that you will be waiting for me with open arms someday.  Until then, my love for you will never dim. Close
I miss You Grandma  / Thyra Kullberg (Granddaughter)  Read >>
I miss You Grandma  / Thyra Kullberg (Granddaughter)
I sit here a day before Christmas and think back a year ago.  I am so greatful that we got to share your last Christmas together.  I have had a very hard time since your passing.  But I am trying to be stong like you.  You are missed everyday and i read your bible all the time.  Save a spot for me up there, and tell Albert and Billy & grandpa they better be taking care of you, and I love them.  Until we meet again. Grandma I Love you!

Love Liza Close
I love you / Lara Hurst (Granddaughter)  Read >>
I love you / Lara Hurst (Granddaughter)

 I miss

I love you / Lara Hurst (Granddaughter)  Read >>
I love you / Lara Hurst (Granddaughter)


I love you / Lara Hurst (Granddaughter)  Read >>
I love you / Lara Hurst (Granddaughter)


To Nana with Love  / Sherilynn Prichard (Daughter in-law)  Read >>
To Nana with Love  / Sherilynn Prichard (Daughter in-law)
Nana you will be missed, however you will always be in our hearts.  Your soft voice (in 13 years I never heard you raise it), tender touch, and we could always count on you for kind words and a hug or two.  Ron, Kaylee, Stryker and Myself will always hold you dear to us. 
Stryker said it best:  "Nana can do anything she want now, because she is with God" A wise one that kid!  Yes you can!  He also said you were everywere, in the water, air and our hearts.  He has had a tough time with loosing you (as we all have).  All Ron and I can do is reasure him that you are watching over him and that you will alway be with him. 
Kaylee, bless her big heart!  She still wonders why you die not take your stuff with you.  Every night when we say our prayers she tells God to take care of her Nana.  She also tells you that she misses you so much.  But you know that because you are listening.
Ron, My husband loves you so much and I can see his pain.  Time will heal and he will get past losing his mother.  But he will always think of you as an angel that is watching over his family.  A mother that he loved and would do anything for.  He will think of you everyday and smile. 
Me (sherilynn) I just have to say that you were not like the "Mother in-law"
image we hear so much about.  You were always kind to me!  I could not cook (still can't) and you never made me feel bad.  You always suported me and for that I am greatful.  I am greatful to have known you and will miss the good night hugs and kisses on the cheek before I went to bed everynight when you lived with us.  We will meet again someday, so I am just saying good night to you now and giving you a kiss.  I love you Close
Mom / Carolyne McKay (Daughter)  Read >>
Mom / Carolyne McKay (Daughter)

I will always remember Mom and the fun we used to have on one of our spur of the moment excursions.  We had more fun in Reno and laughed all the way back to Milwaukie because instead of money, we came back with bottles of champagne!  I remember the fun we had in Florida with Aunt Esther and the endless days spent on the beach enjoying sunshine instead of Portland rain.  When Mom and Bill went back to Virginia with me in the 70's, I smile about the wonder in their eyes at the sights they saw!  I remember, you best, Mom, because you were always there for me even when we disagreed.  And boy did we disagree!  Two Swedes coming head to head over a trivial thing now was something to see!  You were my best friend, my sparring partner, my gambling partner, my travelling partner; but more than anything, you were my Mother!  I have a empty hole in my heart, and an empty home, but you are the lucky one, Mom.  No more hurt, no more pain, no more having to try to breathe when it was so hard for you.  You fought a good fight, Mom and I am so proud of you for that.  I do not think I could have the stamina you did to go through so much and NOT A WHIMPER of self pity because of what you went through.  You were and are an inspiration to me.  You are loved Mom, very much.  I will miss you for the rest of my life, but I know that I will see you again.That is the only thing that is keeping me going is knowing that I will see you again, young, pretty and happy.  I love you Mom.  Thank you so much for teaching me the things you did and being there when I needed you so much.